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The better you understand the “personal styles” of yourself and your team, the better you will communicate. The better you can relate to your clients, the more fruitful your engagements will be!

“Every client interaction, either increases or decreases your personal endorsement.”

We offer:

  • DISC Behavioral Assessments and Workshops
  • Training on understanding DISC profiles
  • DISC-based tactics for improved sales performance
  • DISC assessments targeted towards building teams


Our DISC Assessment programs offer powerful and actionable insights. To learn more or to schedule a consultation on how DISC can help you and your organization, contact us at 404.414.8266 or email us at Info@SuccessWithinReach.com.

Personal Behavioral Styles and DISC Assessments

  • What do you personally need to thrive and be motivated?
  • Why do you flourish in one work environment and flounder in another?
  • Why does the same presentation succeed with client and bomb with another?
  • How does a person “prefer” to communicate with others?
  • Why do different individuals go about achieving the same goal different ways?

Each of us has a distinctive personal style that is based on our unique personality, and we tend to deal with others based on the style that is comfortable to us.  However, other individual styles may differ drastically from our own.  What motivates us may be a complete turnoff to someone else.  Owning the ability to recognize personal behavioral styles and adapt our communication to match them, will create a synergy that will deliver outstanding  bottom-line results.

How powerful would this skill be with your team?

How powerful would this skill be with your clients?

DISC Behavioral Analysis is the study and measure of personal behavioral styles across 4 key dimensions:

  • Dominance – How you respond to problems and challenges.
  • Influence – How you influence others to your point of view.
  • Steadiness – How you respond to the pace and change of the environment.
  • Compliance – How you respond to rules and procedures set by others.

We all exhibit a blend of these traits. We each have a natural “set point” for our behavioral style, as well as, an adapted style that can be influenced by stress, work environments, and a variety of motivators.

At SUCCESS WITHIN REACH, we have certified DISC Behavioral Analysts who can assist you in understanding your own personal behavioral style as well as the styles of those with whom you engage. You will acquire the skills to understand others more fully so that you can build well rounded, stronger, and more effective teams. You will have the wisdom to put the appropriate individual to the right job.

We will help you apply these skills to your prospects and customers so that you can achieve the connections that deals are made from. The way in which you understand, present and orchestrate interactions with others will be forever changed. Learn to speak the language of DISC and start looking at more successful and profitable sales campaigns. Just watch for the results!